Services we offer!


Verenich presents perfect close-up and stage shows for your upcoming holiday parties, conferences, banquets, weddings, birthday parties, hospitality suites, and other corporate events. Verenich presents a fun, upbeat show that will keep audiences, ranging in size from 5 to 5,000 laughing and gasping in amazement.

The show is custom designed for today’s sophisticated corporate audience; blending mentalism, mind reading and a wholesome sense of humor into an intriguing experience like none other. The audience is actively involved throughout the entire performance and will feel like the stars of the show. Show your clients and employees how important they are to you and make this year's event one they'll never forget!


Close-up magic and Mentalism for your guests.
Verenich serves as a perfect icebreaker and conversation starter, mingling amongst your guests and absolutely blowing their minds. From levitation of credit card to mind reading of your pin code or drawing duplication, the impact of Verenich's performance will stay with audience members for years to come! Your guests will be astounded by Verenich’s world-class mind reading and sleight-of-hand abilities, and delighted by his sense of humor and charm. This is a terrific option for cocktail hours, breakout sessions, holiday parties, private parties, networking events, and other casual environments to warm up a crowd.

Customizing Mentalism Show.
Verenich will work with you to customize a program tailored specifically for your audience and industry. His stage show is a highly interactive experience, involving dozens of audience members with a singular focus of creating long lasting impressions. You'll see why companies throughout the world look to Verenich to impress high-profile clients, dazzle employees and entertain senior management. This is the perfect fit for awards meetings, incentive travel, conferences, conventions, gala dinners and other formal events that involve a seated audience.

Illusion show.
The main special show of the evening of course will be illusion show. A World-class show, which uses the most memorable and modern illusion. The visual effect always attracts the viewer, when something interesting is happening on stage, the audience is already in anticipation of what is happening. The best illusions around the world, from Las Vegas to Monte Carlo, as if you see show at the MGM Grand like a show of David Copperfield. Professional dance troupe, decorations, music and video installation.

A unique wedding proposal.
To make proposal becomes even more interesting and memorable, with the help of illusion - you can witness maximum emotional outburst of emotions when magic and proposal meets . Just imagine, your girl amazed by magic and mind reading and in the ring is appear in the hands of you future wife - after that the level of emotions just explodes. Creative variants are available whether you are preparing for the wedding or birthday is now possible with the help of magic.