What clients are saying

This man has just blown my mind away, it was unbelievable, at one moment I thought he could read all my thoughts. I would highly recommend Verenich for your event.

Head of marketing Department Samsung

Brilliant sleight of hands, I had never seen before, he can do real magic even in my hands, things disappear and reappear anywhere. Damn! That's very impressive.

Leschek Karpovich - Head of Remy Cointreau Group Russia

I'm a huge skeptic, and when I think - I've seen a lot of these things and tricks, that guy - Verenich OMG, I started believing in real magic.

Alexander Orlov - President of Bulldozer Group

Wow! So romantic, so pure, so real, that man could make me feel something special.

Caroline Scheufele - Artistic Director and Co-President of Chopard

Through many events of First Media Group, Verenich represented himself as a professional partner and satisfied foremost expectations of the most sophisticated audience.

Dana Karagussova co-founder of holding First Media Group

It was spectacular. His skills impress everyone. We wanted make a presentation of new aroma and Verenich exellent helped us. Made believing in sence of true wonder. I will todally recomend him to everyone.

Ramilya top manager of L'Occitane

Very impressive! He unlocked my phone passcode, i need to change it . Hey that is great! I can't believe in it. Good, very good. For sure Verenich is one of the most impressive mentalists and illusionists of the century.

(Ma Yun known professionally as Jack Ma, is a Chinese business magnate founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group).

When we had booked Verenich for our event, we have not ever expected that reactions of the guests will be like that. It was crazy, he bend a wine glass in front of 100 people, and hand out it to one of them. Proudly can say that this man will make you believe in real magic.

Brand-ambassador Bacardi-Martini Denis Starodubzev

I was playing on stage on a popular festival, and i heard about mentalist on a backstage, from my friends DJs, they said that one guy blown their brains totally. And when I've came to backstage and met Verenich, that was awesome! He did that kind of thing when you really cant understand.

Dmitry Almazov aka Dj Bobina, Russian trance DJ, record producer and radio host.

Aaahhh! Really? Is it true? You are marvelous! I have never seen things like that! I love things like that. In UK people will love your sence of humour and your charisma.

Cozi Costi - (singer, song writer, voice of David Guetta)

Very talented guy! I'm very impressed! For sure he is master with cards. I've seen what he done with only 3 cards, play poker with him will be insane. Incredible sleight of hands. And he also erased my mind i thought so, or not. The arrows on the watch vanished! OMG!

Tito Larriva Tito & Tarantula is an American chicano rock/stoner rock band

You're damn good! You surprised me! I'm afraid of such things, but you really amazed me. Impress me is very hard, but you did this. Thank you a lot , very cool!

GUF famous Russian rapper